Botanical name: Afzelia bipindensis, Afzelia pachyloba

General description:

The Sapwood is thin greyish, well distinguished from the reddish heartwood. It is very suitable for exterior constructions, and every woodwork that requires a good stability.

Specific weight: dried 820 kg / m³

Mechanical properties:
Static bending strength: 1400 kg / cm²
Compressive strength: 750 kg / cm²

Histological Structure:
Grain: irregular, often interlocked
Texture: coarse

Treatability: untreatable.

Sawing: difficult because of its hardness and irregular grain.
Drying: very slow.
Planing: it could cause problems.
Gluing: not easy.
Nailing: pre-drilling recommended.
Finishing: it could be difficult.

Main uses: Exterior furniture, doors, stairs, flooring and coating.


Available Dimensions

Thickness Square edged, unedged Lengths Quality
27-40-52-60 Square edged 2100+ FAS