Product BauBuche Flooring, long flooring element
Origin Germany
Moisture Content 7 % (+/- 1 %)
Fitting Mechanism T & G on 4 sides, nail groove (20mm thickness only)
Size of elements
(comes with some short lengths)
2.200 mm x 112 mm x 20 mm
2.200 mm x 152 mm x 20 mm
2.200 mm x 112 mm x 14 mm
Tolerances Width: +/- 0.3mm, along the whole length of each strip
Thickness: +/- 0,2 mm
Side Bend: max. 1mm per linear foot
Tolerances applicable at the date of shipment.
Finishes 7 coats of solvent-free UV-curing polyacrylate,
2 of which contain aluminum oxide
3 coats of hardwax oil (based on renewable oils and natural waxes)
BauBuche flooring is micro-bevelled on 4 sides
Gloss Level: matte
Colors: 9 colors plus Natural color
We cannot exclude slight deviations in colour. In production, we use the colours given in the published colour scale. For orders, please ensure that you quote the correct colour code.
Packaging The boards are packed in cardboard boxes. The whole pallet is wrapped in cellophane foil. Every board bears the manufacturer’s marking on the back. Technical modifications are subject to change without notice.
width in mm thickness in mm sqm per box boxes per pallet sqm per pallet
112 20 1,97 44 86,68
152 20 1,34 66 88,44
112 14 2,96 44 130,24


BauBuche Flooring A revolutionary development in wooden floors. BauBuche Flooring by Pollmeier is a Laminated beechwood floor that shows properties which exceed anything that conventional wooden floors, hybrid products or imitations have to offer. The surface of BauBuche Flooring is telling us the story of its genesis. With only razor thin glued joints in-between the veneer layers are precisely strung to one another. The interplay of the iridescent tonal values and the calm texture of the beech wood give BauBuche Flooring a unique visual appearance.

BauBuche Flooring unites the best properties of two worlds: the aesthetics and the quality of its surface combined with the efficiency of a high-tech material manufactured from beech wood. BauBuche Flooring Elements are very robust and extremely hard (Brinell hardness HB=38,2N/mm2). Thanks to its durability and easy-care nature, the warm underfoot and odorless wood, and last but not least, the beautiful sound BauBuche Flooring will keep its value for a long time. Also the aim of an environmentally friendly production is fulfilled: BauBuche Flooring is produced energy and material efficiently out of a regionally grown and certified resource using state-ofthe-art machinery

BauBuche Flooring Elements are micro-bevelled on 4 sides and come with an all around tongue and groove connection system. The accurate and dimensionally stable wood elements offer various advantages for installing the floor. They can be glued directly on screed (both thicknesses, 14mm and 20mm) as well as nailed or screwed onto appropriate subconstructions (20mm thickness only).

BauBuche Flooring can be laid in virtually all environments such as apartments, nurseries, schools, museums, offices and public buildings, shops or even sports halls. The surface is sealed with environmentally friendly hard wax oils or highly abrasionproof solvent-free varnishes. BauBuche Flooring is available naturally-coloured or varnished with premium-quality colours in different nuances. Upon request it is also possible to receive the flooring unfinished. In this case the elements will be provided sharp-edged. End Grain Cubes are glued onto a larger matrix to simplify the flooring.




(calm appearance, laid at right angle)
Surface finish with hard wax oil or finished with solvent-free varnish; unfinished
Size of elements* (comes with some short lengths)
2200 mm x 112 mm x 20 mm (7‘3“ x 4.4“ x 3/4“)
2200 mm x 112 mm x 14 mm (7‘3“ x 4.4“ x 0.55“)
2200 mm x 152 mm x 20 mm (7‘3“ x 6“ x 3/4“)
Installation glue onto screed (both thicknesses, 14mm and 20mm), nail or screw onto plywood boards or flooring sleepers (20mm thickness only)
*Dimensions subject to technical alterations.

(interesting light reflexes, appropriate for heavy wear and tear areas)
Surface finish unfinished
Size of elements*
118 mm x 118 mm x 20 mm (4.65” x 4.65” x 3/4”)
158 mm x 158 mm x 20 mm (6.22” x 6.22” x 3/4”)
Installation glue onto screed
Layout 8 End Grain Cubes per element, connected by 2 metal wires
*Dimensions subject to technical alterations. End grain cubes expected to be available in 2018 earliest.