Wood workings

Log sawing

We can produce certain types of sawn timber directly from the logs we buy from foreign markets. Thus, we can produce thicknesses to our customers' specific requests.

Vaporization and drying

The company is able to vaporize freshly sawn boards. Vaporization is a steam treatment at temperatures of about 100°C that softens the wood, causing any fungi and insects to die, and stabilizing it for subsequent drying. This treatment alters the original colour of the wood without using chemical agents. We also have drying kilns that we use to offer ready-to-use timber.

Thermal treatment

We heat-treat certain types of wood on our customers' requests.
Thermal treatment is a heat-treatment process carried out at high temperatures that has a lasting and permanent effect on wood's thermal properties. In addition to being weather-resistant and stable in humid environments, thermally treated wood does not require any special maintenance.

Its original colour changes and a heat-treated wood will become darker as the hours of treatment increase.

Its special characteristics allow heat-treated wood to be used in many different applications such as external wall cladding, window frames, fencing, indoor and outdoor floors such as decking etc.

Cutting and multi-cutting

We can provide a multi-blade sawn timber cutting service to supply fixed-width boards, or cut to sizes on customer specifications. We can also produce 3.5 and 4.2 mm thick lamellas used in the flooring and carpentry sectors.


In recent times, the sale of window scantlings is done almost exclusively to customer specifications. Thus, to implement their orders, our clients do not have large sums tied up for warehousing.

Our fast order management service - starting from creating the list with particular attention to waste costs, right through to final delivery - is increasingly appreciated by our customers, who enjoy having a reliable and attentive partner that always provides them with the best quality available.

Dispatch and Delivery

We guarantee the quick delivery of ordered materials through a proven and extensive carrier structure that covers the whole of Europe.