Botanical name: Fagus sylvatica

General description:
The light wood, almost white, becomes pinkish after vaporization and drying. Under light the colour seems to be pale-yellow. The medullary rays are visible and they characterize the drawing of the wood. it has a non-differentiated heart.

Specific weight: dried 730 kg / m³

Histological Structure: 
Grain: straight and sometimes spiral.
Texture: fine and uniform.

Mechanical properties: 
Static bending strength: 1200 kg / cm²
Compressive strength: 620 kg / cm²

Treatability: treatable.

Sawing: easy.
Planing: easy.
Drying: slow with a risk of warps.
Gluing: easy.
Nailing and screwing: pre-drilling recommended.
Finishing: easy.

Main uses: Interior furniture, flooring, stairs, plywood, kitchen items, packaging like fruit boxes.


Available Dimensions

Thickness Square edged, unedged Lengths Quality
26-32-38-52-65 square edged 2200/2500/2800/3100/3400 SUPERIOR
26-32-38-52-65 square edged 2200/2500/2800/3100/3400 SUPERIOR COLOR