European oak

Botanical name: Quercus petrae e peduncolata

General description:

The yellowish-white sapwood it clearly different from the brownish heartwood. The pith rays are very evident, in particular in the radial section where they form shiny mirrors.

Specific weight: dried 760 kg / m³

Mechanical properties:
Static bending strength: 1100 kg / cm²
Compressive strength: 620 kg / cm²

Histological Structure:
Grain: straight.
Texture: coarse.

Treatability: untreatable.

Sawing: fairly easy.
Drying: has to be done carefully to avoid cracks and warps.
Planing: challenging but turns out well.
Gluing: easy.
Nailing and screwing: easy.
Finishing: easy.

Main uses: Interior furniture, windows and doors, floorings, decorative veneers.


Available Dimensions

Thickness Square edge, unedged Lengths Quality
27 square edged 1100/1900 AB
27-33-40-50-60-65-80 unedged 2100+ AB