Botanical name: Tilia plathyphylla

General description: 
The wood is soft and easy to engrave, it has a non-differentiated heart and is light in colour with some greenish areas. It features a slight silky lustre.

Specific weight: dried 500 kg / m³

Mechanical properties:
Static bending strength: 600 kg / cm²
Compressive strength: 13 kg / cm²

Histological Structure:
Grain: straight.
Texture: fine and uniform.

Treatability: evenly treatable.

Sawing: without any difficulties.
Drying: easy and fast.
Planing: easy.
Gluing: easy.
Nailing and screwing: easy with a moderate holding.
Finishing: easy and easy lacquering.

Main uses: Sculptures, furniture, decorative veneers, engravings, frames and turned objects.


Available Dimensions

Thickness Square edged, unedged Lengths Quality
40-52 square edged 2100+ AB
27-32-40-50-60-70-80 unedged 2100+ AB