Baubuche panels


Laminated beechwood panels, that thanks to the vertical arrangement of the veneers, have a resistant and at the same time elegant and modern surface. The smooth surfaces are easily treatable and paintable. Baubuche panels can be used same way as regular solid wood panels.


Family: Fagaceae
Botanical name: Fagus sylvatica L.
Origins: Germany
Specific weight: Dried 800 kg/m³


Baubuche Panel Baubuche Panel X
Thickness mm.20,35,45 Thickness mm.19
Widths mm.680 Widths mm.1250
Lengths mm.6000 Lengths mm.5000


Moisture content: 10% ± 2%
Surface finish Grain 100
Gluing According to EN 204 – D3
Formaldehyde content Complies with class E1, according to the EN 717-2/94 standard

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