Botanical name: Entandrophragma cylindricum

General description:
It is dark, with a finer texture than the African mahogany. The sapwood, reddish or yellowish grey, is clearly different from the reddish-brown heartwood that tends to get darker over time.

Specific weight: dried 690 kg / m³

Mechanical properties:
Static bending strength: 1400 kg / cm²
Compressive strength: 590 kg / cm²

Histological Structure:
Grain: straight, often interlocked.
Texture: from fine to medium.

Treatability: little treatable.


Sawing: easy.
Drying: from medium to slow, some risks of cracks and warps.
Planing: easy, except with interlocked grain that it will change the result.
Gluing: easy.
Nailing and screwing: easy.
Finishing: easy.

Main uses: Interior and exterior joinery, furniture, flooring, windows and stairs, decorative door veneers, pianos.


Available Dimensions

Thickness Square edged, unedged Lengths Quality
27-33-52-60-70-80 square edged 2100+ FAS